Have to start somewhere, right? So hello – I’m Eric, and this is my website. And although it’s pretty bare-bones at the moment, the fact is that it’s taken me a while to get to this point. 

Over a year ago, I quit my last “real-world job”, after many months of feeling like I wasn’t getting to live life on my own terms. Since then, I’ve been making a go at full-time freelancing online while living here in Seattle, mostly focusing on copywriting and ghostwriting for the blogs of various companies. My ultimate goal was to create a lifestyle where I could continue to travel and experience the world.


Starting a blog goes hand in hand with that sort of thing. It’s also something I’ve toyed with before, but never actually followed through on. There have been false starts, topic ideas jotted in Evernote, and a fair bit of talking out loud that never went anywhere. But the best way to start is probably just to start. I want this to be a source of accountability for myself – not only to keep posting, but to keep living and enjoying the life that I’ve finally made possible.


Last night, I pulled the trigger on a ticket to Thailand. This will be my first time in Southeast Asia, and the first vacation of sorts I’ve taken in two years. It’s an incredibly exciting opportunity and exactly the sort of thing I’ve been working towards for the last year. Can’t wait to share the journey with you all.


I’m still working out the details of what I’ll be posting here. Business-building advice, copywriting tips, even travel updates are just a few of the things you’ll likely be seeing in the near future. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to get out of this blog, please leave a comment or message me directly – I’d love your feedback!




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